Monday, April 7, 2008

Things will be different this year!

When I was pregnant with Sierra, I read the book, "Beyond One: Growing a Family and Getting a Life" by Jennifer Bingham Hull. It talked about the magical ages of 3 and 5. When the two kids are younger than that, life is challenging with the diapers, the wandering, needing to be watched with everything. But once the youngest hits 3, things become easier.

I had a glimpse of that today. I can see that this summer, with my children almost 3 and almost 5, I will, for the first time since moving into our house, be able to work around the yard! Today at lunchtime, Steve and I were both raking the lawn while the kids were off playing. And I wasn't worried about them! Maybe I can turn the weed garden in the front into something to look at! Maybe I can plant some trees and bushes to landscape around our "new" stone wall. Maybe I can put in the step-able ground cover plants near the play areas that I wanted to put in last year. Perhaps I can put some annuals in planters and other places to make our house look nice! And maybe even the kids will help (instead of "help"!)

Perhaps, hopefully, this is the year that taking care of the kids is something that can be done in parallel with other tasks and it won't be an all-consuming activity... hopefully! (Don't worry -- I don't for a second believe that it will be without its challenges!)


ooolia said...

I'm hoping for a glimpse of that life soon as well. C loves being outside and since most of the yard is fenced, I'm hoping I get some gardening done, too. We had some luck a couple of weekends ago when all 5 of us were outside.

Ann in NJ said...

It just gets better. While there are still challenging times even at the ages we're at, I do have a LOT more freedom than even last year. It was a year or so ago at Rachel's soccer practice that I realized I could actually stand and watch the practice rather than run around chasing William - and it's a wonderful thing.