Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Gathering Kitchen

Last Friday I went out with my girlfriends (and some of their friends) to a place called the Gathering Kitchen. In addition to it being a fun night out with the girls, The Gathering Kitchen is a place where they provide the ingredients and you assemble meals. They have a set menu from which you pick ahead of time (so they have the right amount of each ingredient.) Then you go around to the station for each meal that you picked and just follow the instructions provided. I was impressed that it seemed very clean and sanitary and the selections were interesting. (They change the menu every month.) I made six meals, five of which I split into two for my family, so I came home with 11 meals to freeze. My friend set it up as a private party and everyone brought drinks and appetizers and desserts. The place actually had a decent sized sitting area with tables and such, so it was actually a little social event!

If you have one of these types of places near you, and you're not a gourmet cook, I highly recommend getting at least a friend or two and trying it out!

Tonight we're going to have apricot-cranberry stuffed chicken.


Jill in MA said...

Mmmm... I thought the cranberry-apricot stuffed chicken was great! Steve seemed to like it. Sierra liked the stuffing because it had cranberries in it. Owen wouldn't touch it. But I expected as much -- after all, it wasn't dino-shaped chicken. I'm calling it a success.

ooolia said...

sounds yummy.

and TWO of the blogs I've been reading have had Girls Night Out at a place like this in the past week.

I'm going to have to send M to one around here.

davew15 said...

received an email notice that 'due to unfortunate circumstances' the Gathering Kitchen is about to close. Wish I knew why - I found this a very convenient and tasty way to prepare dinners