Friday, May 15, 2009

Take Her Advice!

Steve overheard the kids talking this afternoon. Owen was telling Sierra that his friends were going to be going to Kindergarten next week (we think he meant next year at a different school) and he wouldn't have any friends at school anymore. Sierra said, "If you just say 'hi' to people, then you'll make new friends!"

She's a genius!

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Leslie said...

Hey Jill,
I ran across your blog on google. I want to make a cake for my nephew this weekend like your skateboard cake from last year. Do you have any additional pictures of it, or just the one you have posted? I love how you made the deck bend toward the bottom. (otherwise upward if it was turned over!) Most people forget that part! Anyway, your cake making is awesome. The recent princess cake you posted was awesome also! Anyway, my email is I would really appreciate any help you would be willing to give. Thanks alot.