Friday, March 13, 2009

She's So Old, She's Falling Apart

You know how we like to joke sometimes that we're so old that things are falling apart or falling off? Well last night, I came home, and the cat greeted me with some slightly labored breathing. Then she sneezed (or whatever that is that she keeps doing lately that I can't explain) and a tooth fell out of her mouth. I heard it and thought, "Is that a piece of food?" But when I picked it up, it was an actual tooth.

I guess she's getting pretty old. We've got her on pro-biotics now to help with her digestion because of the loose stools and vomiting. But now (I think as a side effect of the pro-biotics, but I'm not sure) she has hideous breath. And then she comes and does these cough-sneezes in my face. Yuck. I think I got her in about 1991, so she's about 18 years old. My fear is that she's going to hang on in this throwing-up-stinky-poo-bad-breath state for five more years!

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Ann in NJ said...

Poor kitty. You might talk to your vet and see if something as simple as changing her diet might help. It did wonders for our old cat (until she went completely downhill).