Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

The kids were loving and wonderful to their dad today... for about an hour. Then things went downhill.

Dinner might have been awesome. I bought some wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon and Steve grilled it perfectly after I prepped everything for him. We were all sitting down to eat and I was commenting how it was "like butta," when I noticed the puddle that Owen was perched over on his chair and on the floor. So I had to clean that up. Then I sat down to continue to enjoy my dinner. Owen, who decided that he actually liked the salmon, took too large of a bite of it, and rather than just spit it out, he proceeded to let it gag him. As I tried to get a napkin for him to spit it into, he actually started vomiting. I contained most of it and got to clean up another mess before finishing my dinner. Sigh. A little while later, he pooped in his pants. Keep in mind that earlier in the day, Owen pooped in his pants, didn't tell us (we had to smell it) because he was too busy playing, and then promised to stay clean and dry the rest of the day for Father's Day.

Oh, and Sierra was just completely awful. She was going to cry and whine no matter what we did. So while I was running errands, Steve got her to take a nap. A really long nap. Have I mentioned what happens when Sierra takes a nap? She can't sleep at night. I didn't even try to put her to bed at bedtime. It was like 9:40 when I put her in bed. At 10:30 she was still wide awake. I'm not sure if she's sleeping yet.

Happy Father's Day!

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Ann in NJ said...

Some days are like that. Too bad it happened to be Father's day, although what better reminder of the true meaning of being a father? Dealing with crying kids and bodily functions!

My kids decided we should take dad to Friendly's for dinner. Not HIS favorite place, but he played along.