Saturday, March 1, 2008

Raising open-minded children

I have a funny story about my 4-year-old son. Let me preface this by saying that about a week before this happened, when the kids were trying to get me to do multiple things at one time, I said, "I'm only one mommy! You only get one mommy. Oh, but some people have 2 mommies, but then they don't usually have a daddy." We then proceded with whatever it was that we were doing. Now for the story:
Owen was with his dad in the Children's Museum. (I was off with the other one elsewhere.) They were having a snack in the cafeteria. Owen spotted 2 women together with 3 children. He said, "Look Daddy, there's a family with two mommies!" And Dad said, "Isn't that great that a family can have two mommies?" Owen replied, enthusiastically, "Yeah it is!!" Then Dad pointed out that it might actually be two families together and the daddies just were working or something, and Owen said, "oh, yeah."
I love that I'm raising a son who can be open-minded and accepting!

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Ann in NJ said...

They are definitely little sponges who remember what you say! Just wait until you get to the age where they're trying to figure out the logistics of this two mommy thing...