Thursday, November 12, 2009

Warning: Girly-Girl Event Posting

Sierra had her birthday party last Sunday. It was an Angelina Ballerina themed party at her ballet studio. Allison, the owner of the studio went above and beyond to create a memorable and beautiful party for the girls. And the girls all came so excited to dance! Here's some photos:

The party room, decorated by the dance studio

The cake with Angelina Ballerina in fondant on top... yes, created by me!

Dancing in a line

Look at that form!

Dancing in a circle

What the boys were doing

Dancing with ribbons

Blowing out candles

Poor Angelina after Sierra and Owen ate her...

1 comment:

Ann in NJ said...

What a fab birthday! And a beautiful cake, again. You've got a real talent, girl.

I was always a little sad that Rachel was never so girly-girl and didn't like ballet. Enjoy it while it lasts!