Monday, February 23, 2009

Am I Crazy or What?

So, it still has to go through the nominating committee and then official board approval and then official vote at the yearly pre-school membership meeting, but I just volunteered to be a fundraising chair next year -- the one who runs the fall show. I really want to continue to be on the board and I even want a big job. I know that I can run the fall show -- I'm fairly familiar with what it involves because I've been on the committee a couple of times. It's just that fall is birthday time in my house and every year I get sick overdoing the party planning and preparations. I've already vowed to myself that there will be no parties at the house this year. I will make the cakes -- that's a given. But the kids will get to pick a place to have a party that someone else plans: ballet studio, build-a-bear, aquarium, science museum, ... they'll get to choose and we'll invite a couple of kids. So if I can just plan ahead on the show and schedule my time well (hah!) I won't get sick this year???


ooolia said...

not crazy, just optimistic.

I love you for it.

Jill in MA said...

Hey, but at least if I do the fundraising thing, I don't have to have a maintenance job for the year. I hate the maintenance jobs. This year I was washing legos in my bathtub and trying to hang curtains back up on *%$*#y curtain rods. Oh, and thoroughly cleaning the bathrooms. Yuck. And the oven. Joy.

Ann in NJ said...

Sounds like the lesser of two evils, in some ways. And once the fall show is over, are you done? that would be worth it right there!

Having done the "location" party thing, I have to say they are wonderful. No cleaning, little planning (just invites and maybe goodie bags). Just bring money.

Jill in MA said...

Yes, I would pretty much be done after the show in November.
I would still have to make the birthday cakes (because that's my thing) but some of these places wouldn't even require goody bags (like build-a-bear.)