Friday, January 16, 2009

Newsworthy Dogs?

Like most towns, our town has a little weekly local paper. The writing is not always consistent, as journalists come and go, but that's to be expected in such a small paper. What really shocks me about the paper, though, is their inability to find subject matter that the residents of the town want and need to hear about. There is one story that I always use to illustrate this point. One week the front page top story was a dog wedding. Yes. You read that right. Go back and read it again, if you need to. There was nothing that happened that week that was more important than a dog wedding. It happened to take place in my neighborhood. There were about 200 people invited (not me, though) and it was a real wedding ceremony and reception that took place in the family's yard. People dressed up and everything. Nothing was more important than that. Nothing. They even sent a photographer. (I later learned that there were some Special Olympics events for which there was no coverage, or at least they sent no photographer....)

That was about two years ago. Today's top story, along with adorable full-color photo (see photo) is about another dog in my neighborhood (what is it about my neighborhood?!?) that was attacked and injured by a coyote. I'm sure people want to know about this because they want to protect their pets and small children, but really... top story?? Sheesh.

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