Sunday, August 24, 2008

4-H Fair

I don't think I realized this until last year, but my town hosts the 4-H fair for Middlesex County. So for the first time, I took the kids to a 4-H Fair. We went with their friends, Jonathan and Ethan, and had lots of fun checking out all the animals. Both kids surprised me by going for pony rides. It's not so much that they did it that surprised me, it was that it took no coaxing at all and both were lifted onto the pony and off before I even had my money or camera out, or even knew that they had decided to do it. Owen was not clingy and demanding that I go along with him, he just went. Very cool.

Anyway, here's photos:

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Ann in NJ said...

Fun! We love our local 4H fair. No pony rides this year, though. We had rain and thunder and lightning.

Owen is growing up!